Beside my love for Agile and Change, I have a lot of other things, I'm interested in.


DIY - Do It Yourself

My words: "The crap, so called professionals deliver for a fortune of money, I can do better for less money". Sorry to say that, but I saw this too often.
I love to see the result of my hands work. It is a perfect compensation of my professional work which is mostly brain work.
I have a well equipped but too small workshop. I love to work with wood, metal and all kinds of other materials.



I started disassembling transistor radios when I was 10 years old. At bedtime, I dreamed of building things... I built a lot of circuits, from a simple 2-transistor blinker with tremendously expensive LEDs till multi-processor circuits controlling multiple keyboards for industrial PCs.

Nowadays, I still love to build things. But today, with Arduino or Raspberry Pi.



In globalizing world, it is so important to speak multiple languages. In school, I learned English and French. English was one advanced course at high school. At university, I attened a Russian class for one semester.
Thanks to my Argentine wife, I learned Spanish. Our kids grow up bilingual - what a gift!



Since my childhood, I was interested in taking photos. During that time, it was quite expensive. Since the rise of digital photography, I am fascinated by the possibilities digital cameras and processing tools offer. I'm still more an amateur photographer with a good portion of luck. Since a fight with Ghetty Images, I shoot almost all of my images for my presentations etc. on my own. Today, I have more than 5.000 clipart photos.



I love to cook (and eat ;-). Freshmade food is so important. Cooking, baking, canning - everything. And of course, an argentine asado...


Reading & Learning

Whenever I have free time, I love to read and learn. I don't read novels or thrillers. My plan for the next update of this website: a list of book recommendations.


There are more things to tell... Maybe later...