Reiner Khn


First Project Management Training


Team leader of a software development team. Implementing and improving PM processes

2000 - 2008

Leading projects with up to 40 team members, multicultural. Coaching other project managers.

2004 - 2005

Microsoft Office Project Professional Belt program: Orange, Blue & Black Belt. First Black Belt im EMEA!


Scrum Tutorial with Joseph Pelrine


Getting PMP Project Management Professional certified

2004 - 2008

Giving internal trainings for Project Management


Programming Microsoft Project 2003 with Visual Basic for Applications


Start working with Scrum


Certified Scrum Master



My Project Management career started in 1998 with a 2-days PM training. At this point in time, I realized that PM is a major success factor in my professional environment.


During this first PM training I learned how to create a Work Breakdown Structure, assign resources, estimate, and create the logical network and schedule. All without any tool like Microsoft Project, just by pinning cards on boards.


My very first projects after this training were more or less one man shows. I tried to improve them by applying the learned tools and techniques.


In 2000 I changed to another software company, where I soon was promoted as team lead. The waterfall model based project methodology we used to work with was basically a good framework. But at some points it provided not enough guidance on critical processes. Therefore every single project manager applied individual processes to overcome these gaps.


As a new team lead I applied the formerly learned PM techniques, gaining success and highest acceptance from the team and other stakeholders. It was the very first time, we were able to proof where we are. So, more and more project managers asked me to support them during planning and controlling. Together with the available project methodology, we realized significant improvements.


During all that time, I managed my (very junior) project managers and also some very challenging projects with up to 40 project team members in 3 different countries. Most of the projects I managed by myself were highly visible and required excellent communication, negotiation and leadership skills.


I reached a point where I figured out that I had to improve my PM knowledge to continue as a PM expert in the company. In self-study I read stacks of PM literature, searched the internet for PM sources, and first started to work continously with Microsoft Project.


Im sure, I was not alone with resentments about this tool. Everything worked fine until I started to make changes on the schedule. It was not significantly better than updating my previously Excel based schedules.


Due to some lucky circumstances, I got the chance to attend a Microsoft Project training (Orange Belt by IIL)in summer 2004. It dealt with managing a single project in Microsoft Project and introduced the technique of dynamic scheduling. Gone were all the painful hours on updating constraint loaded schedules. It was the first time, I felt confident about Microsoft Project.


Early in 2005 more and more project managers started to work with Microsoft Project and I was recognized as a Subject Matter Expert. In spring 2005 I attended the Microsoft Project Blue Belt training, dealing with managing multiple projects with Microsoft Project Server. Again I overcame lots of obstacles and managing a set of projects became much easier for me.


After working so much with Microsoft Project, I felt the need to work some more on my general PM skills. I started to go for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The groundwork was done by a 7-day training. From April to July, the PMBOK Guide (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge) was my permanent escort. I learned so many interesting, useful, and often easy tools and techniques. For the preparation of the PMP exam on July, 25., I spent about 120 hrs. - all in my spare time. The exam constisted of 200 multiple choice questions in 4 hours - 1:15min for each. I was so happy when I made it.

Since then, I constantly improving my PM skill, collecting PDU, contributing to the PM wold.


Since becoming a PMP, I very often realized, that the effort was worth it. Having a solid knowledge on the theory gave me new perspectives in my daily work as a manager.


To finish my Microsoft Project certification I attended the Microsoft Project Black Belt Professional training in December 2005 in New York. This training aimed on customizing and administrating Microsoft Project Server. The Black Belt certificate was granted in March 2006 after the successful review of my application. Im the first Black Belt in EMEA!
And IIL asked me if they can take my application as a reference for future attendees...


During the roll-out of Compuware Changepoint based Program management tool called SDIS at Infor, I was responsible for setting it up in the Infor ERP COM development department and assisting other product lines in their setup process.


I was constantly involved in organizing and also conducting trainings in the PM domain for our employees.


In 2006 I contributed to the Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 Beta tests.


Since 2006, I frequently hold project management trainings for the companies I’m working for. This is a valueable occupation: First, I can refresh my knowledge during the preparation, second: I can pass my knowledge and my enthusiasm to other people.


In almost 10 years as project and program manager, working for two software companies, I was responsible for more than 100 projects, was PM in over 15 projects from 20pd up to 500pd.


Beginning in 2004, I made my first theoretical experiences with Scrum in a Scrum tutorial held by Joseph Pelrine and in reading books. In 2010 I got the oportunity to be the Product Owner in a new product development project. I learned a lot of the projects Scrum Master and realized that I have to focus more on the agile way. After attending the Scrum Master Training and finishing the test, Im now Certified Scrum Master since June 2011. Im absolutely convinced that this is an important step forward in my project management career.

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