Reiner Kühn

In 2004, I first came into contact with Agile. I heard a lot of it and I got the opportunity to visit a Scrum tutorial with Joseph Pelrine.

I was very interested in Scrum but I quickly realized that the organization I worked for didn’t have had the maturity for starting with Scrum. So I kept on working in a traditional environment, but also kept on being interested in Agile.

In 2010, Scrum came back to me. We started to build a completely new product version where I was the line manager of the development team.

In 2011, I attended a CSM training with Simon Robert.

Again in 2011, while starting my new position at 1&1, Agile became my primary focus.


Today, I find myself highly motivated to help teams, either in setting up agile or in becoming better. I love to share my knowledge and experience and to pass a bit of my enthusiasm and passion to the teams and individuals I’m working together.


Agile Survey

For my department, as a kind of inventory, I started to conduct an agile survey. This was the ideal way to come into touch with all agile teams. In my first survey, I interviewed 23 team, assessing which agile elements they are using and to what extent. Now, in 2013, we conducted this survey for the third time - once a year.

The main benefits are:

  • Coming into touch with all teams, even those which are not so open for exchange and assessment
  • Getting an impression of the agile direction we are heading for
  • Identifying where we can assist or help
  • Through answering the survey, we found that the teams started a reassessment of their processes

Internal Network

It became clear to me that in my organization, we have some really bright and motivated colleagues, but they don’t communicate much. This is one important part of my work: linking people.


Internal Conference “Project Management Days”

First planned as an event only for the project managers, team leads, ScrumMasters in my department, we are now having twice a year an internal conference with up to 110 registrants. Amazing, what we can achieve by mobilizing our experts sharing their knowledge and experience with all others!

We now change the name of the conference to Project/Agile/Scrum/Kanban to better address the audience: Project managers, ScrumMasters, Team Leads, Managers, Product Owners, agile teams,...


Trainings & Workshops

In the mean time, I can offer a vast set of trainings and workshops. Due to the size of my organization, every effort I spent on preparing them, results in multiple events:

Kanban Team Workshop:
This 5hrs. workshops was created in August 2012 and I performed it now more than 10 times!

Kanban for Dummies in 45 min:
A shortened version of the above mentioned workshop aims to provide a basic understanding what Kanban is and how it may help your business. In less than 6 months, I gave this presentation 8 times.

Estimating in an agile environment:
This presentations aims not only to explain how to estimate in complexitiy instead of effort. It also tries to provocate a bit about the value of estimating: Estimating is waste!
In most cases the presentation serves as a kickstart to come into discussion about various perspectives of agile planning: Role of the Product Owner, how to cope with multiple customers, Definition of Ready,...

Slack is the ultimate weapon:
My first presentation, motivated by a thesis from David J. Anderson, only was a starting point for me. In the mean time, I held it 5 times - inside the company and outside. Now I believe that not having “free time” (or better said: being planned as a resource with a maximized utilization) is the source of many problems we are facing in our daily work. Do you want to know more about this? Contact me...



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